Nov 12 2022, HAUNT, Berlin


Monthly community table initiated by Nicola E. Petek. With a pot luck for everyone to join, featuring an exhibition series of pop-up shows with local and international positions.


HAUNT Table #6
Sat 12 Nov 4 – 9 pm

Exhibition: Sofiia Yesakova

War can never become commonplace, but for many, awareness of what is happening in Ukraine is long gone from what it once was. For our last HAUNT Table of this year, we therefore want once again bring the focus precisely back on this issue. We are therefore particularly proud that the Ukrainian artist Sofiia Yesakova will be realizing a pop-up exhibition in our pavilion to mark the occasion. The multi-disciplinary artist uses the language of minimalism, with a focus on expressing thoughts and emotions. In recent months, the war in her home country has also left its mark on Yesakova's artistic practice. 

Sofia Yesakova

previous HAUNT Tables

HAUNT Table #1
Sat, 26 March, 4 to 9 pm

Every first Saturday of the month we invite you to our HAUNT Table and frontviews pop-up exhibition. These afternoons, initiated and curated by Nicola E. Petek, are meant to be used to socialize, exchange ideas, and be there for each other, whether you are an art or culture professional, a friend, or a newcomer to Berlin looking for a network.

And what could be better than a delicious meal in a beautiful location? Everyone contributes something to the buffet while the shows in the pavilion are open during the extra long opening hours until 9 pm.

You can experience the art either on your own or through the guided Tour & Talk offered by Stephan Klee as part of our mediation program HAUNT MELODIE. Over the summer months, during each HAUNT Table we present exciting pop-up exhibitions in the patio that can only be experienced on that one afternoon. Do not miss it!

HAUNT Table #2
Sat, 7 May, 4 to 9 pm
Exhibition: Darya Savchenko (* 1997 in Kiev, Ukraine)

"Painting is a unique medium - only in painting is anything possible: you are not bound by trivial things like the laws of physics.Painting is like a visual symphony for me. While in music you use notes and instruments, in painting you use colours. How do they interact with each other, how do they contrast with each other and what are their properties?You can achieve different atmospheres through different kinds of these interactions. For me, it's not about the subject, it's about the experience, something you feel."

Darya Savchenko

HAUNT Table #3
Sat, 4 June, 4 to 9 pm
Exhibition: Daniela Elorza (* 1989 in Bogotà, Colombia)

"When at work, I tend to imagine myself more as an archaeologist out in the field than as what we may call an image maker. In the practice of deep reflection and careful observation, every piece comes out through a slow process of unearthing fragments of a larger story. Symbolic images gather together at the pores of the contemplation on how people understand the natural world and give meaning to its elements. In exploring imaginary and timeless lands, I encounter each work as a discovery rather than a novel creation: shards of artefacts from tales that remain ever-incomplete.Moved by the feeling that we live in a cosmos, not of being but one of becoming, the work seems to embody a sense of stillness found only in the presence of what feels enduring and essential. Every picture comes as a small find from the ground of everything that remains mysterious and that characterizes a shared sense of awe and attention."

Daniela Elorza⁠

HAUNT Table #4
Sat, 2 July, 4 to 9 pm
Exhibition: Marjan Baniasadi (* 1993 in Tehran, Iran)

“To be an artist who resides in various locations simultaneously, for me Persian carpets are not only commodities but living objects that are capable of recording time, besides incorporating myths, tales and fantasies of multiple times. These rugs imbibe, delineate and convey narratives, complex and simple that are about life and death, about pain and pleasure, about kings and mortals – through every thread woven together. In my practice, I seek to combine, connect and investigate its different forms of expression and transform them into modes of my personal stories."

Marjan Baniasadi

HAUNT Table #5
Sat 3 Sep 4 – 9 pm

Exhibition: Kerstin Hille
Im Gewächshaus / In the Greenhouse

Introduction and exhibition tour with Kerstin Hille and Oliver Thie
Sat 3 Sep 6 pm

Branching, curving, stretching, twining, swaying, bending, clinging, knotting, wrestling, hanging, blowing, cracking, popping, rustling, folding, breaking, greening, blooming, sprouting, growing.

Blue lines snake across different papers. Some of them blossom, illuminated by artificial light. A laboratory situation like In the Greenhouse, which refers to cultivated and planned growth.

Kerstin Hille

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