Curated by Nicola E. Petek & Stephan Klee

Sat 15 Apr 5 – 9 pm

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15 Apr – 2 Jun 2023
Wed – Sat 2 – 6 pm
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frontviews at HAUNT
Kluckstraße 23 A / Yard
D - 10785 Berlin
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Les Enchantées - exhibition view, From left: Dennis Scholl "Das sanfte Sich-Anschmiegen der Schuld", 2022, charcoal on canvas, 205x150 cm Daniela Elorza "Máscara", 2020, oil in canvas, 24.5x20cm Daniela Elorza "Healing Together", 2021, oil in canvas, 55x45cm So Young Park, "Snail face", 2022, oil on canvas, 50x40 cm. So Young Park, "Breaking aurora", 2019, mixed media on canvas, 50x40 cm. So Young Park, "In the deep sea", 2022, mixed media on canvas, 50x40 cm.


Sat 15 Apr 5 – 9 pm
with the attendance of curators and artists

Gallery Weekend
Fri 28 Apr to Sun 30 Apr 2 – 6 pm
Marché des Éditions
Artists of the exhibitions and the frontviews collective provide prints and editions for a good cause. One-third is to support the artists, one-third is to support the place and one-third will be donated to:

an internationally operating
NGO for Refugees:

Artist Talk
Fri 19 May 7 – 9 pm
Migration as a Source of Magic:
Narratives of Cultures and the New Border Regimes

Dr. Almut Hüfler will discuss the transition between worlds and across borders: be it concrete national borders or the threshold between dreams/the subconscious and every day reality with the artists Mengqiu Li, Thomias Radin, the curator Stephan Klee & Axel Grafmanns, Managing Director of the NGO Wir packen´s an.
The Talk will be held in English.
please reserve your attendance at

Catalogue Release Dennis Scholl
Sat 27 May 4 – 9  pm
Presentation of the catalogue by the Berlin painter Dennis Scholl,
to be published in May by Kerber-Verlag

Finissage + Artist Talk
Fri 2 Jun 6 – 9 pm
with Artist Talk 7 – 8 pm
The New Surreality: Artificial Intelligence, Online Media,
Escapism and the Role of Painting

Dr. Almut Hüfler will host a conversation about the relation of virtuality and reality in art: coexistence or competition? Are we facing a new "Digital Generated Meta – Surrealism" established by AI? With the artists Maxim Brandt, Runa Ikeda, Sara Umar & the curator Nicola E. Petek.
The Talk will be held in English.
please reserve your attendance for the talk at


Les Enchantées
In this comprehensive exploration of contemporary painting, the HAUNT art and cultural centre in Berlin-Tiergarten offers a physical space of discovery. The aim of the exhibition, curated by Nicola E. Petek and Stephan Klee, is to show that the persistent longing for poetry, the desire for a vibrant surface and for the engaging haptics of materiality are revitalising painting as a medium. This sensual force of expression connects positions from South America to Europe and Africa to East Asia.

The individual circumstances of a wide variety of artists inform and define reality - migrant, postcolonial, queer and feminist narratives have finally found their way into the visual worlds and proclaim their rightful place.

As early as around 1840, the painter Paul Delaroche is said to have proclaimed the "death of painting" after seeing one of the first photographs. Today, we are overwhelmed by the immense amount of images we are exposed to every day. They seem almost vulgar compared to the sensuality of painting. Through the surface, the physicality of painting becomes visible and perceptible as an intimate act, thus allowing the viewer a special access to the world of the artist. On the canvas, the painting process reveals a transformation of thoughts, memories and emotions applied layer by layer.

In the sensitive works of the exhibited artists, the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. They do not document, but tell: Of folk culture, mythology, religion, of personal experiences and adventures. The themes merge into a truth that is perceived as natural on the level of action. Following the basic idea of Magical Realism, the works of the artists are united by the fact that fantasy and realism can coexist well and are not necessarily in conflict.

Frontviews at HAUNT
Kluckstraße 23 A / yard
D - 10785 Berlin
Free Entrance

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Axel Grafmanns, Managing Director of the NGO for Refugees


Nicola E. Petek

Dr. Almut Hüfler