Sat 13 April 6 – 9 pm

Opening hours
Wed – Sat  2 – 6 pm
and by appointment at
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Frontviews at HAUNT
Kluckstraße 23 A / yard
D - 10785 Berlin

This project is profoundly supported by Senate Departement for Culture and Social Cohesion. It´s also made possible with the initiative of the whole collective.

Installation View , Daniel Correa Mejía, 'Dejarse llevar', 2023, oil on jute, 22 x 15 cm. Daniel Correa Mejía, 'Regreso', 2022, oil on sand and jute, 15 x 22 cm. Daniel Correa Mejía, 'Quedo yo', 2022, oil on jute, 35 x 15 cm. Cian Dayrit, 'LUNAS SA SISTEMATIKONG PANG-API' (Remedy for Systematic Oppression), 2020 embroidery on fabric (Collaboration with Henry Caceres), objects, woodwork, book (Caser), Variable dimensions.


Sat 13 April 6 – 9 pm

Fri 26 Apr – Sun 28, each day 12 – 6 pm
Marché des Editions
Artists of the exhibitions and the frontviews collective provide prints and editions for a good cause. One-third is to support the artists, one-third is to support the place and one-third will be donated to: WIR PACKEN'S AN, an internationally operating NGO for refugees:

You can find an overview of the artworks with recommended donation amounts here: Marché des Éditions

Sat 27 Apr 2 – 6 pm
Pique-Nique Fantastique by Melina Matzanke
If there’s one thing every human can relate to, it must be food. From cultivation to consumption: At the hand of all it’s facets we get to connect with the world outside. It sparks communication within and between communities. On a personal level, we get to bond over it in an intimate moment. Pique-Nique Fantastique is a culinary intervention that invites people to engage with an artwork in an unusual way: our taste. It interconnects us in one specific moment of time: by sharing food, we are sharing time, culture and memories with each other.

Sun 28 Apr 12 pm
Workshop: Watercolours with Jonathan Drews
Watercolor, also known as aquarelle, is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution. Together with the painter Jonathan Drews, we will explore this old painting technique, experiment, and learn our first tricks in handling this special material which dates back to the cave paintings of paleolithic Europe and has been used for manuscript illustration since at least Egyptian times.
(To cover the material costs, we charge a small contribution towards expenses of €10 per participant)
Please reserve your attendance at

Sat 11 Mai 5 – 8 pm

Opening times
12 Apr – 11 Mai 2024
Wed – Sat 2 – 6 pm
and by personal appointment

This show is dedicated–in a second edition with the same name–to contemporary artists who blend our current reality with conditions of the fantastic, may it be dreams, imagination, subconsciousness, myth or faith. In search of new artistic strategies to deal with the dysfunctional system of post capitalism we discovered an international movement of New Surrealism, Magic Realism and Symbolism enriching contemporary art. Whereas the first edition of Les Enchantées was mainly dedicated to the medium of painting and drawing, the second edition opens up to other manner of expression, like object, sculpture, and video. The sensitive works of the exhibited artists blur the boundaries between what is and what could be.

They do not document, but tell: of folk culture, mythology, religion, of personal experiences, and adventures. The themes merge into a truth that is perceived as natural on the level of action–following the basic idea of Magical Realism, the artists are united in that fantasy and realism can well coexist and are not necessarily in conflict. The individual life experiences of each artist inform and define reality - migrant, post-colonialist, queer, estranged and feminist narratives have finally found their way into the visual worlds and proclaim their rightful place.

The exhibition is curated by Nicola E. Petek & Stephan Klee

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