Mar 11 – Apr 2 2022, Feld + Haus Projects, Berlin

Witalij Frese, Marianna Ignataki, Atis Jākobsons, Artor Jesus Inkerö, Laura Könönen, Alana Lake, Barbara Lüdde, Janne Räisänen, Anne Tompuri, Aki Turunen
 curated by Alana Lake
11 Mar - 2 Apr 2022
Handout in German / English

Witalij Frese
Marianna Ignataki
Atis Jākobsons
Artor Jesus Inkerö
Laura Könönen
Alana Lake
Barbara Lüdde
Janne Räisänen
Anne Tompuri
Aki Turunen

Curation by Alana Lake

Opening 11 Mar 5 - 9 pm

Opening hours
11 Mar - 2 Apr 2022
Tue - Sat 11 am  - 6 pm

CRUSH  is a group exhibition with ten artists centering around desire and queer social exclusion.

The exhibition title playfully breaks down the two meanings of the word. To have a crush: to be lustful, passionate and enchanted, or to be crushed: to be physically or emotionally hurt, to be outcast or rejected – narratives that are so often lived by LGBTQI+-identifying persons. CRUSH conveys these personal voices and journeys through the artists’ individual exploration of desire, freedom, identity, sex, sexuality, power and control.

Read more about the exhibition here

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Important: no pre-registration needed, but 3G + FFP2 Mask applies!

With the essential support of Blue Planet in collaboration with The Finnish Institute in Berlin and Feld + Haus Projects.