No One Survives a Real Conversation

Aug 26 – Sep 24 2022, HAUNT, Berlin

No One Survives a Real Conversation

Kirstin Burckhardt & Nicole Wendel



26 Aug – 24 Sep

Handout in German / English

No One Survives a Real Conversation
Kirstin Burckhardt & Nicole Wendel
Co-Curation Daniela von Damaros

Vernissage Fri 26 Aug 5 – 9 pm

Opening hours
27 Aug – 24 Sep 2022
Wed – Sat  2 – 6 pm
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Performative encounters via time slots
Sat 27 Aug 2 pm
Thu 15 Sep 5 pm
Sat 17 Sep 2 pm & 4 pm

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Artist Talks

Wed 21 Sep 7pm
Artist Talk with Ludwig Seyfarth
about the interplay between the different media of the two artists Kirstin Burckhardt and Nicole Wendel, also against the background of the exhibitions "Something Between Us" (KAI 10 | ARTHENA FOUNDATION, Düsseldorf, 2020 / Kunsthalle Nürnberg 2022, with Kirstin Burckhardt and others) and "Gulliver's Sketchbook" (KAI 10 | ARTHENA FOUNDATION, Düsseldorf, 2022, with Nicole Wendel and others). The publications of both exhibitions will be presented as well.

Sat 24 Sep 8 pm
Artist Talk with Daniela von Damaros
about the development of the exhibition "No one survives a real conversation“ through a collaborative working process with a special focus on friendship, its potential and the question of individuality.

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"When friendship tries to organise and balance the ambivalence of our "unsociable sociability" (Kant), then friendship becomes political."
(Interview with Jean Luc Nancy, 2021)

The collaborative project of artists Kirstin Burckhardt and Nicole Wendel, No one survives a real conversation shows the artists collaborative works for the first time. The genesis of the exhibited drawings and video is rooted in the friendship of the two artists. During their artistic process, collaborative thinking, communication and collective action are fundamental and continue in the exhibition through the active involvement of the visitors: the exhibition concept also includes a participatory space that is available for performative encounters between the two artists and guests. 

The title of the project is inspired by a quote from David Whyte, who describes the importance of friendship as a constant and consistent power in life. At the same time, he emphasizes the necessity of other people ( a counterpart to ourselves) to enter in a dialogue, and that courage and perseverance are needed to build and maintain a conversation on a small scale and a friendship on a large scale.

The visual language of the joint works is nourished by the qualities of the friendship of the two artists, such as trust, care and humor, as well as body perception as an artistic interface. During their working sessions, the artists use digital media, body movements and communication methods such as "deep listening", to enter a conscious way of going-into-relationship. In those encounters where body gestures convey ambivalent emotional states and the narrow space of balancing power relations, as expressed by "care & control" or "radical tenderness" (Seyda Kurt), the artistic material of Burckhardt & Wendel emerges.

Trusting in the potential of their friendship as a stable, supportive space on the one hand and open to transformational processes on the other, Burckhardt and Wendel continue their collaboration without fear of losing individual space. Rather, the artists encourage us to discover a new form of togetherness and to question characteristics of neoliberal times, such as individualism, competitiveness and competitive strategies. It is the moment when friendship is no longer just an intimate space, but also becomes a breeding ground for negotiation processes, thus revealing its enormous impact and scope. In this way, the emotional strength that comes from friendship is not just a question of individual resilience and health, but a social one.

Kirstin Burckhardt
(born in South Africa, graduated from the HFBK Hamburg and the University of Hamburg, lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg)

Moving between body, language and identification, Burckhardt's performances, videos and drawings are shown as solo or collaborative pieces in institutional and public spaces. Their focus lies on where communication emerges, collapses, and the subtle resonant spaces in between. In the struggle to understand and embody language, she seeks encounters between "performing" and "watching" bodies.

Nicole Wendel
(born in Karlsruhe, graduated from the UdK Berlin, lives and works in Berlin)

Wendel's performative root is the drawing gesture: movements as drawing and abrasion as a permanent trace of otherwise ephemeral events are central aspects of her work. She also calls the drawing structures and compositions that emerge in her collaborative performances and videos "emotional geometries" that make visible, in the sense of physical extensions, spaces of encounter and movement.

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Our Art – Mediation – Programm HAUNT MELODIE II presents two Mediation options for diving into No one survives a real conversation

No one survives a real conversation

Participatory creative sessions exploring the works of Kirstin Burckhardt and Nicole Wendel  during the exhibition No one survives a real conversation.

Thu 1 Sep | 4-6 pm
Wed 07 Sep | 4-6 pm
Wed 14 Sep | 4-6 pm
Sat 24 Sep | 4-6 pm

Tour & Talk
No one survives a real conversation

A Tour in the exhibition No one survives a real conversation and a Talk about the exhibition, over cake, tea, and coffee at a shared table in our courtyard.

Fri 02 Sep | 4-6 pm
Fri 16 Sep | 4-6 pm
Fri 23 Sep | 4-6 pm

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