Stephan Ehrenhofer (front), Haleh Redjaian (back), Röhricht Güssing, 2021/ Untitled, 2021


Artists and their works from the universe
of fabrics and inter-weaving techniques

A drj art projects exhibition in close cooperation with Frontviews

Alke Reeh, Stephan Ehrenhofer, Esther Seidel, Bettina Allamoda, Robert Gschwantner, Haleh Redjaian, Anja Schwörer, J Stoner Blackwell, Aiko Tezuka, Kathrin Köster, Alana Lake, Tristan Schulze, Samatha Bittman, Nele Marie Gräber, Yasuaki Kuroda, Natalie Reusser, Justina Moncevičiūtė

curated by Christiane Bail, Matthias Seidel and Stephan Klee

This exhibition takes place in two spaces
drj art projects and Frontviews HAUNT

Opening at HAUNT on Friday 8 Apr 4 - 9 pm
Opening at drj art projects Sunday 10 Apr 12 - 5 pm


Mediation Tour at HAUNT
Fri 15 Apr 4 - 6 pm
Fri 29 Apr 4 - 6 pm
Fri   6 May 4 - 6 pm

Tour & Talk A Tour in the running exhibition and a Talk over cake, tea, and coffee at a shared table in our courtyard.

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Finissage at HAUNT
Sat 7 May 4 - 9 pm


HAUNT TABLE  +  Artist Talk
4 - 9 pm

An informal afternoon gathering to socialise, exchange, and be there for each other over a delicious meal in our yard! Everyone contributes something to the buffet, during the finissage of our current exhibition -t-e-x-t-i-l-e- and our first pop-up exhibition of the year, with works by the Kiev-born artist Darya Savchenko, curated by Nicola Petek.

Artist Talk
6 - 7 pm

–t–e–x–t–i–l–e–  - A short flight through the universe of fabrics and interweaving techniques
Artist Talk with
Stephan Ehrenhofer, Haleh Redjaian, Kathrin Köster & Justina Moncevičiūtė
moderated by Christiane Bail, Matthias Seidel & Stephan Klee

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Opening hours at HAUNT
8 Apr - 7 May 2022
Wed - Sat 2 - 6 pm

Frontviews at HAUNT
Kluckstraße 23 A / yard
D - 10785 Berlin
Free Entrance
Please wear a mask inside the exhibition pavillon

Opening hours at drj art projects
10 Apr - 21 May 2022
Fri 3 - 7 pm & Sat 2 - 6 pm
and by personal appointment
Free Entrance

drj art projects
Matthias Seidel + Christiane Bail
Leberstrasse 60
D-10829 Berlin

more information

drj art projects and Frontviews feature a cooperative exhibition on textile art of the 21st century.

As stated in the subtitle of the project, textile bares in itself a universe of its own – as within human existence, so within art. In order to find an authentic access on this complex, the exhibition focuses on the artists themselves.

The basic assumption is this: Since the participating artists have actively committed themselves to working in this field of art, it is given that they are all aware of the meta-context and have positioned themselves personally in relation to it. Thus, by themselves and their works, the artists incorporate the whole project per se and obviously. In this manner - without trying an external approach - this exhibition setting relies in the trust of the artistic praxis by itself.

Inherent questions about the specifics and practice of the medium, as well as its relevance for the present and future of contemporary art, include these:
_ What kind of specific quality offer woven media, so that they are the choice of so many artists today?
_ Do networking, mutually supportive structures require specific techniques and actors?
_ Are gender, consciousness of tradition or cultural background decisive artistic factors?
_ Does thinking in textiles and transferring it into works of art mean taking up a special position with regard to society?

Based on spatial composition of the works and by the interaction of all the project’s elements, including people, artworks, organizers and venues, this exhibition creates a simultaneously individual and collective statement on the theme: a temporary fabric of material and social praxis.

A publication will also reflect this. In addition to the images documenting the exhibitions, the focus will be again on the artists: The core of the book will consist of comments on their stance and the artworks.

Frontviews at HAUNT
Kluckstraße 23 A / yard
D - 10785 Berlin
Free Entrance

Public Transport
Bus Linie M48 or M85 from Potsdamer Platz/ Busstop
Lützowstr./Potsdamer Str. and a 4 minute walk // U-Bahn
Kurfürstenstraße Linie U1 and U3 and a 6 minute walk // M29 Busstop Gedenkstätte Dt. Widerstand and a 2 minute walk.

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